What is Uppening for business?

Uppening is a new marketing tool for restaurants and bars interested in having more visibility on their local markets, getting to know who their customers are in advance

What we offer

Business Profile

Business Profile

Photo gallery
Events section
Link to website

Loyalty Program

Discount Section

Dedicated section where you can load offers and promotions to attract more customers


Statistical Dashboard

Monthly reports on consumers' behavior, competition analysis and much more!

Verified Feedback

Verified Feedback

Create your own questionnaire for your customers and we'll deliver the results only to you

Get more customers

Join Uppening to improve your brand’s visibility.

When Uppening users will choose your restaurant as their meeting point, we'll email you.

Get ready and do your best to surprise your new customers!

Why join Uppening?

Uppening is the newest way of communication between locals and travelers interested in going to the same restaurants and bars.

Why do you need to be more innovative as possible?

Because your customers are.
They are comunicating on the latest platforms, and they are looking for new emotions, new connections and new places to discover.

How it works

Stand Out

Fill in the application online and one of our team member will get in contact with you

Convert users in business

You will receive an e-mail notification when Uppening users will choose your restaurant as their meeting point

Get insights

Receive weekly reports on consumers' behavior, competitors and market trends in your area

Retain your customers

Once new people are coming to your restaurant and becoming your customers, who says they won't come back?

Your restaurant becomes special to them, as it's the place where they met for the first time

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